Life as a Work of Art

“We must learn how to be surprised, not to adjust ourselves.” … More Life as a Work of Art



One of my favorite iPad photo apps is “waterlogue”. Waterlogue can be used to take a picture, or edit an existing photo. It does a great job making a photo look like a watercolor, and it is mesmerising watching the transformation take place onscreen. The following images were taken with waterlogue, or edited with Snapseed … More Waterlogue

Desert Botanical Garden

Over the holidays, my family and I visited the Desert Botanical Garden which occupies 140 acres situated on the southeast edge of Phoenix. It is a magical western landscape containing every imaginable variety of desert flora. Established in 1939 the Desert Botanical Garden exudes a southwestern mystical ambiance and soulful atmosphere. I love this place. … More Desert Botanical Garden

Happy Holidays!

“May you experience each day as a sacred gift woven around the heart of wonder.” John O’Donohue The attached images were edited with Snapseed, Prisma and Tangled FX.