Watering the Garden

Most of the time I am happy to be lazy.  I enjoy curling up with a good book, or watching a favorite movie with my husband. But of course there are always chores to be done: washing dishes, doing laundry, sweeping floors, watering the garden, etc.

One of my favorite tasks is watering the garden. While it requires some mindfulness and observation, it is also a good time for creative and parallel thinking and a time-out from the relentlessly stressful news of politics and world events.

Outside, I puzzle over the “volunteer” birdseed plants that our cardinals are currently enjoying. I reflect on the coming day and think about my next paintings or photos. I observe the beauty of the garden from different angles, always surprised by new vistas.

The attached images have been edited with Snapseed, ToonCamera and Tangled FX.

Mystery Birdseed Plants
Mystery Birdseed Plants
Our Neighbor's Palm Trees
Our Neighbor’s Palm Trees
Palm Seedling with Four O'Clocks
Palm Seedling with Four O’Clocks
Flowering Tree
Flowering Tree
Four O'Clocks and Palm Tree
Four O’Clocks and Palm Tree

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