In the Family Art Studio

The home where I grew up has a wonderful art studio. My dad, a building contractor, added it onto the house a long time ago for all the artists in the family. In recent years, before they passed away, my parents produced beautiful artwork in that studio. My father was a sculptor and painter, and my mother was a watercolorist.

One of my retirement goals is to get back into a routine of painting every day.  Since the house has not yet been put on the market, and with permission from family members, I’ve been working in the studio. For the last few months I’ve spent my free time there trying to find my artistic self. While I have a lot to learn, I’ve enjoyed the ambiance and soulful spirt of the studio.

The attached photos are of the studio and of my current painting in process.

Sullivan Art Studio
Sullivan Art Studio
Working Title
Working Title “Family Tree”

8 thoughts on “In the Family Art Studio

  1. How enchanted I feel seeing these paintings and reading your process I am transported to those rooms – I am there smelling the paint and I am in a sensory overload!


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