Hogwarts of Miacatlán

Recently, my sisters and I had the opportunity to visit Nuestros Pequeños Hermanos (NPH) in Miacatlán, Morelos in Mexico.  NPH is not an orphanage, but a hogar (home) for 450 children. It is a wonderful and amazing place.

The children, staff and volunteers who live at NPH are family. No child at NPH is ever put up for adoption. Instead, an incredible amount of love, creativity, thoughtfulness, resources, enthusiasm and prayer are focused on each child to help them recover from poverty, abuse, malnutrition, deprivation and grow into happy, productive, empowered and self-sustaining adults.

Visiting a NPH facility is an eye-opening and magical experience. It is great to see all the beautiful and happy children. The environment at Casa San Salvador (NPH) in Miacatlán is truly awe-inspiring. This historical site, an old converted plantation of 130 acres, was once the personal property of Hernán Cortés. It has been the main facility for the NPH Mexico family since 1970. All the old sugar mill buildings have been artfully repurposed into an extraordinary campus.

Casa San Salvador has cobblestone streets, boungainvillea filled archways and a lush landscape. It includes a pre-school through secondary school, a chapel, dining hall, kitchen, clinic, administration buildings and a farm with chickens, sheep, pigs as well as fruit and vegetable gardens.  It is an unexpected and sensational home.

I’ve always loved the Harry Potter books, but the NPH story is more impressive and moving.  I confess to reluctance, regret and wistfulness when it came time to leave.

The attached images have been enhanced with Snapseed, Prisma and Tangled FX.

To read more about NPH, check out their website at: http://www.nph.org.

Dining Hall at NPH Miacatlán
Dining Hall at NPH Miacatlán
NPH Miacatlán- old sugar mill smokestack
NPH Miacatlán – old sugar mill smokestack
Chapel at NPH Miacatlán
Chapel at NPH Miacatlán
Garden Wall at NPH Miacatlán
Garden Wall at NPH Miacatlán
Magnificent Trees at NPH Miacatlán
Magnificent Trees at NPH Miacatlán


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